Lignetics vs Lignetics Gold

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Hearth Supporter
Nov 5, 2007
Lignetics Gold (LG) is a new product released by Lignetics (LG). LG supposedly burns hotter and has less moisture than L. LG is $20 more per ton vs. L (via my local Southern States COOP in Central MD).

According to the Lignetics website, the only benefit of LG vs L is lower moisture content and a slightly higher BTU and produces about the same amount of ash. Below is a table comparing L (from various plants) vs. LG (only produced in VA and ME:

I ordered two tons of LG and was told by my SS rep that they first offered it last year but didn't get a lot of orders so they couldn't speak to how much better it is vs. L.

Any thoughts on LG vs. L? Is it worth the extra $20 per ton? I can't find any good review information on LG on the internet and I've got two weeks before delivery to change my mind.

Maybe I can buy a bag of each and compare....

Finally my SS also sells Hamer Pellets which I've never tried but also gets high marks on this forum.