Looking at Central Boiler CL6048 and Crown Royal 7300MP!

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Aug 21, 2013
NE Ohio
The two common for homes are only in the $4500 range.
Not installed they aren't...like I said, $6-8-10k.
And I 100% agree with you on smaller government...but they were forced into action on this one...just too many irresponsible OWB owners smoking out the whole neighborhood for the issue to be ignored...and more rules/regs already fit right into their MO, so... ;lol :rolleyes: :mad:


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Feb 26, 2017
Northern Indiana
To each their own... However, this stove is nowhere near what you've speculated for cost as I take it you didn't even venture to look. The stove built for heating 10K square foot is only $8,100.... The two common for homes are only in the $4500 range. This stove is manufactured right where it is purchased and the company has been in business for 20 years.

The amount of smoke with this stove is no more than a wisp from the chimney during idle times and when burning seasoned wood, its fairly minimal during calls for heat. Any wood burning appliance can be burned poorly... its the elitist attitude forcing all toward gasification and dumping thousands and thousands of dollars into a heating appliance whose sole purpose is to save on heating costs that completely baffles me. It is not the government's responsibility to coddle people and force them into dependence on a small niche of heating fuels and appliances made by only a select few corporations to burn them whilst putting the smalltime manufacturer out of business through frivolous regulation and oversight.

I'll step down from my soapbox now...
Do not even try here. Those of us that burn conventionals are the scourge of the wood burning world here. Just go along to get along.
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E Yoder

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Jan 27, 2017
Floyd, VA
I kinda see both sides, our county has 15,000 people and one stop light. Dirt roads, rough mountain land. Wood smoke isn't a big issue.
Compare that to where many people live and I completely understand, you can't really make regs to fit both. It landed the way it is so we gotta live with how things are now.
And then there are those few manufacturers that have ignored the regs. It hurts the ones who comply, but with the new tax credit it'll probably level out. Oh, well, life goes on. I don't sweat it.


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Aug 22, 2010
Northern Canada
Most on this forum may not agree with me, but I prefer my conventional outdoor wood boiler to the newer gasification units. From my stance, the simpler with less bells and whistles the better (it's the same reason I have a 1955 Ford tractor). Since you're in Michigan, take a look at http://timberwolffurnace.com/. I love my Timberwolf 3500 and would recommend this company to anyone looking for a conventional outdoor wood boiler.
Ahh so you are in love with processing wood,i get it.
I like getting wood as well,but plan on starting to sell it.