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We rent land from a guy that had a stroke a few years back and have been helping him make his firewood. Pops and I spent today splitting wood today for him and filling his basement. No idea how many cord but we split about nonstop for 6hrs. No idea why he's cut these pieces into 12' long pieces but it took forever to get this trailer full lol. We filled and emptied it three times and stacked it in his basement.
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short pieces suck Mike, good job helping him out, last night was a big fail for me, set the valves on the wifes 05 cummins, went half mile and number 1 exhaust backed off and launched the bridge off, no harm done but didnt take my phone so had to run back to the shop, my old butt don't like that, pulled it back and reset stuff and all good! didn't get home til like 10:00 my butt is dragging today
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Pops and I started clearing out a tree line a while back.

The bucket on the 7400 made a really nice saw stuff transporting device. Held everything nicely and was easy to work off of.

Lots of nice Ash in the line we mowed off. I acquired a Red Lever 026 last fall and had it ported and I put a wrap handle off an 044 on it. This thing is a little beast !!

There were a couple decent sized trees in there that gave the 066 a workout. His big poplar was all the 32” SugiHara bar wanted. Santa dropped that bar off over Christmas in his UPS truck 😁

I acquired some wedges and got to making some poorly placed cuts to try them out.

All in all we cleaned off about 800’ of space. Having the trees gone again will open up more useable ground and allow me to put an irrigator through both fields at once one day.

I did a lot of the cutting with Dads 041. This thing will rattle your brains out but it has such a nice exhaust note and you almost can’t stall it with a 20” bar. It just digs in and goes. Dad purchased this new almost 50yrs ago and I have no plans to get rid of it any time.

How in the world did we ever get anything done before skid loaders !?

This new little red wagon sure is sweet for hailing crazy amounts of wood home at once !

This along with everything plus two more loads than what’s in the 4th picture is what we hauled home. Between this pile and a few other piles I have in various places I “should” have enough wood for next year already. And I recently secured a pasture to clear out not far away that is full of HUGE Red and White oaks. The guy wants to farm it again and doesn’t want the wood. Uh yes I’ll come cut it down ! Likely will be a bunch of nicer stuff we’ll save for saw logs but there will be a ton of firewood as well. I’m pumped !
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Hauled all the stumps and brush off the field today !! I dug them out a while back and finally got to getting them gone.

Couple big ones in there lol

This one will need to get drug off the field. I cloud barely push it with the skiddy !

All in we hauled 35 loads like this today with another 20ish left. It’s going to be a monster brush pile fire one day this fall !
Mike, those aren't big lol, I grubbed a huge cotonwood out once that my D7E couldn't even push the root ball, took the excavator and the 7 to get it out of the hole, then tied an 8950 onto it with a chain and the D7 pushing to get it down the hill to the burn pile, that was interesting. It is nice though to be able to get some work done this time of year without being buried in snow or mud!