Looking for Woodstove Input - Soapstone preferred

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Aug 21, 2013
NE Ohio
I’ve read up a bunch on the different ways to do framing, the more “advanced” techniques like the staggered 2x4, etc. I think the most cost effective (with current lumber prices) is 2x6 with 1” external foam board covered with a rain guard… and then you apply the hardieboard outside that (1” is maximum hardie will attach to)

In theory, this gets me some pretty damn good R ratings… not 2x4x2x4 R ratings, but pretty good. We’re located in 5b hardiness zone, bordering 5a so we’re not an extreme extreme
I like these


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Aug 14, 2022
Seems as if the wife and I have sorta come to an agreement that a wood fireplace would be best.

Something with a slate fireplace look, and maybe the Opel 2 plus from RSF… Issue is the nearest dealer is in Canada… but that’s not really that far.

Or Opel 3 plus… found a US dealer that’s about the same distance as the Canadian dealer…
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