Looking to buy a new Pellet stove....Saranac FS - Hudson River Stove Works

imacman Posted By imacman, Jul 4, 2008 at 8:17 PM

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  1. imacman

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    Hi everyone, hope administrators don't get mad at me, I posted this already, but realized I was in the wrong section.

    I’m going to be a newbie at using a pellet stove, and hope someone can help. I haven’t bought a stove yet, (but have 2 tons of NEWP paid for already), and am considering a SARANAC FS stove from Hudson River Stove Works, but can’t seem to find out much about them (reliability, service, etc, etc). If anyone has a can give me some thoughts on them, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll be checking here from time to time, but you can email me too.

    Thanks everybody!
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    Do a search here on the forum for "Hudson River". Several members have the Saranac.
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