Lopi Deerfield Metering Motor Stuck

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Lopi Alex

New Member
Nov 22, 2023
Hi- Apologies if this has been posted before, but it's about to get very cold tonight and trying desperately to get my pellet stove running again. I have the manual and it tells me to remove the retaining screw from the collar and the motor should drop out, but it's firmly lodged in there I can't pull it down and it definitely doesn't drop down like the repair manual describes.

Anyone have any insight on this brand of stove and how to do this removal if stuck?

Here's the specifics from the manual:



thanks in advance.

The motors can get stuck in the hole and need a little prying to get out
Work it back and forth and it should come out. Be gentle but with force
On the new one put a little anti-seize compound on the shaft
If you use the old one clean shaft with emery paper and lub
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Well I was able to get it off, but no amount of hand strength could remove it. For reference if anyone has a similar issue, using a flathead screwdriver to pry against the collar worked and once i lost leverage, a few taps with a hammer I was able to get it to pop off. Spoke with tech support from the manufacturer and this was their recommendation.
Whenever I see someone or hear of someone using a Screw Driver as a pry bar it brings me back
to my High School days when in GR12 Auto shop my instructor if he saw you using a screwdriver
to pry with would give you a slap up the side of your head and say " Do it right a screwdriver is not a pry bar
I see you do that again and you will do this course again next year " I have never forgotten that even through my career as an Auto Mechanic Glad you got it off:)