Lopi Evergreen vs Quadra fire 31 millennium / WS22

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New Member
Aug 12, 2020
Heya folks.
I'm based in Tasmania Australia and looking at 2 north American style wood heaters. They are both outside air setup as it's a new build house. House size is 16 squares but we have high vaulted ceilings and a tonne of windows, so looking for a fire that does 25squares and up.

It's a toss up between these two right now. They are the best available options down here.

Lopi Evergreen
62% average efficiency. 10hr burn time. 27 squares rated.

Quadra 31 millennium.
71% average efficiency. 10hr burn. 27sqaures rated

Both about the same emissions. The Lopi is more expensive.

Then there is a budget friendly
Quadra ws22
82% efficiency. 12hrs burn. 30squares.
But it's huge and ugly. And $1000 cheaper.

A few people have said ignore efficiency, and that Lopi are amazing. But I wanted to get some advice here on lopi vs Quadra fire.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
The first two are medium-sized stoves here. The marketing specs are best-case scenario often and not for dead of winter. Of the 3, the WS22 is a better size. I'd also consider the larger Quadrafire 4300 or Lopi Liberty. Are Drolet, Osburn or Pacific Energy stoves sold there?

Does the cathedral ceiling have ceiling fans installed? They will be necessary to move the hot air from the ceiling peak.
What is the average winter temperature there? What is the coldest it gets and for how long?
Dry wood is essential for proper operation of these stoves.

Note: 1 Sq meter = 10.76391 sq ft.