Lopi Liberty or Endeavor nexgen fyre

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Jan 22, 2023
Shelbyville, KY
Looking to replace our 1997 Large Dutchwest 2642 Catalytic wood stove, and believe I have my choices narrowed down to the two listed above. We are located in North Central KY and have winters that are all over the board. We live rural, and burn to help save on Propane costs. Our home is 2250 sq ft log home up, with a half finished basement, but the basement does a great job of regulating itself year round, so not concerned with trying to heat it. The upstairs has 20' vaulted ceilings in the main living area, with 2 bedrooms on either side and our kitchen off to the front side. Our hearth is in the middle of the living space with ceiling fans on either side for circulation. The Dutchwest has done a great job of heating the space, but on the coldest of days the back bedrooms can be chilly. Based on the specs of the Dutchwest, its highest BTU rating is around 55k and that has no trouble w/ keeping our upstairs @ or above the 70 degree mark. It still burns well, but is in need of a complete rebuild after this season, and I'm done throwing money into parts for this stove. We are stuck deciding between the Liberty and the Endeavor. I like the idea of the liberty for its size, but fear it would run us out of the house. I'm fearful that the endeavor would have trouble filling the large vaulted ceilings, and still have enough output to cover the rest of the upstairs. Won't mention any names on here, but our local dealer was much less than helpful, and seemed as if I were bothering them when I tried to ask comparative questions about the models. Thanks in advance for any feedback provided..

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The Endeavor would work out well. It is EPA rated at 15,454 to 67,090 Btu max. It's a proven basic design.

The 2461 is rated at 11,300 to 26,800 Btu/hr in EPA testing with a maximum listed output of 40,000 Btu/hr. (The 2462 is rated at 55,000 Btu max).