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Nov 27, 2012

Question: I am wondering how gas and wood hearth appliances compare with respect to maintenance costs. Ideally, how often should a wood-burning fireplace be cleaned? About how much should a chimney sweep charge? How much more would one charge for a wood insert? What is the procedure and cost for cleaning a wood stove? Ideally, how often should a gas fireplace be cleaned? Who should perform the maintenance and for how much? Are maintenance schedules and costs similar for gas inserts, gas stoves, vented/ ventless? Are there any maintenance considerations for gas logs?


Generally, these costs will be somewhat similar over the years. A modern wood stove probably should be cleaned every 4 cords of wood burned or so. This cleaning can be a DIY job or can cost from $55. to $100 or more (if a fireplace insert has to be removed from the fireplace.)

Gas fireplaces should not be cleaned by a sweep, bu there are parts, such as thermocouples, that can go. Expect to spend an average of $25. a year ...for instance, after two years, you may need a $50.00 service call.

Gas logs (vented cement models) should be taken outside and washed off...we use a hose. Some of the glowing embers may need to be replaced after a year or two.

Vent-free appliances should be cleaned and checked every year by a professional. This will assure continued clean burning.

As far as woodstove cleaing procedure, this is a tough process to explain in an email. You might find some info at the sweep sites. Try the links off of https://www.hearth.com/what/links.html

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