Maintenance question: Is the bypass door gasket really necessary (Green Mountain)?

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Oct 23, 2021
I’m doing my first complete stove and chimney cleaning for my Hearthstone Green Mountain 40. It’s been a great stove for my cabin, and I've probably used it about 45 days over the past two years. . Overall, everything looks good with minimal soot and no fly ash in the chimney. But after removing the baffles, I discovered that the gasket for the bypass door had fallen off halfway. The dislodged gasket was actually preventing the bypass door from sealing completely.

Looking at how the bypass door fits tightly into the frame, it seems that even without the gasket, it seals well enough. It would certainly be better to go without than to have it partially dislodge again. Was this just because of faulty installation? Or perhaps it's unnecessary. I’m leaning towards not re-installing the gasket. What do you think?
According to hearthstone they did away with that gasket in newer model years. I was told by my dealer who talked to their tech that it wasn't necessary. They made no design change to the stove for the new MYs they just removed the gasket.
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SM-Jpn, not hard to install a new gasket. I have done mine in just a few minutes.
It’s common on the 40. I’ve reattached several. If Hearthstone did away with the gasket I’ve not seen it.