Q&A Making Wall Shield from manufactured stone

QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    I have a Jotul 8 and I want to build a hearth for it with proper spacing from the wall, etc. I want to build it with manufactured stone. My dilemma is how to adequately support the stone, being at least one inch from the drywall. Any suggestions?


    You can attach 1" "Hat channels" to the wall, which are available at a building materials supplier that focuses on drywall related materials. You must place them so that they are outside of the outline of the stove or connector (black pipe). They can be screwed directly to the studs, taking precautions to ensure adequate airflow from the bottom to the top. Cover them with a layer of 1/2" wonderboard or durock. Cover the wonderboard with a scratch coat of acrylic fortified thinset mortar and apply another layer of wonderboard. Cover that with wire lath (mesh) and you are ready for the stone. If you are using light weight artificial stones or very thin slate slabs, you may be able to get away with only one layer of wonderboard, depending on how close together your hat channels are .
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