Q&A Masonry or insulated chimney?

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Nov 27, 2012

Question: We are going to build a new home and want to put a high efficiency wood burning fireplace (such as a Kozy Heat or Wilkening Fireplace in our finished basement with the plan to heat the basement and thru gravity flow part of the 1st level. Can we expect to really be able to do this? Should we have a chimney with tile lining or will a triple layer stainless steel work as good or better?

Some have told us a high efficiency zero clearance fireplace will do almost as good at a lot less installation cost. Is this true and would this be recommended?


Better to use the double or triple wall chimney with these types of high-efficiency units. An insulated chimney stays warmer and therefore carries the smoke up the chimney faster (better draft) These units are quite capable and will do a good job of supplementing your heat. Of course, the size of the house, insulation and weather will determine the exact heating ability.
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