Maximizing heat capture in Boiler and Pump

cschwinn Posted By cschwinn, Feb 16, 2013 at 8:36 PM

  1. cschwinn

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    Two questions: My wood boiler throws off some convective heat. I want to try and capture as much heat as possilbe into my water jacket (indoor boiler). Has anyone used Roxul to wrap their wood boiler or add an additional insulation layer under the metal covering of the boiler to keep more in the jacket?

    Secondly, my circulator pumps get quite warm for my radient heat. I wonder if the technology is there to capture the heat from the circulator pump and dump it into the water in the radient lines? Seems like a waste to have it disapate into the air when the radient only needs 90 degree water to heat the house. Any thoughts or brainstorms on how to capture this heat? Paying for electricity, want to squeeze BTU's out of the device if possible.
  2. ewdudley

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    I added a jacket on mine to heat the house more and the boiler room less. I kept the side panels after bending the ears they hang on to get them out away from the water jacket a little further, then I added a one inch layer of foil faced rock wool panels all the way around and inside the door panels.

    I used ribs made out of some light gauge 1.25 x 4 inch aluminum channel I found in a big box. The ribs go all the way around and are fastened back to themselves with insulation inside. Then panels are taped to the ribs with reinforced foil tape. Top panel was removed and the control box was moved to the panel above.

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