Missing Skunk Found

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PA Fire Bug

Feeling the Heat
Jan 13, 2010
Blair County, PA
Every October skunks dig in our yard (we don't treat our lawn for grubs). I found a pesky skunk had moved in under the wood pile in my lean-to where my daughter parks. Despite seeing where it slipped between the wood and the wall and seeing blood, I could not find the skunk. Fast forward a month. Depending on the direction of the wind, there was still a very strong odor. Today, I moved enough wood to remove a pallet and found the skunk. It was really dried out but it still had a strong odor. Next year I will be sure to stack enough wood to cover all of the slats in the pallets. I use boards to cover the front openings.

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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
So glad you found that skunk and know how to fix that problem--big problem because of that smell especially in the wood..There are ways to lesson the smell but I forget maybe some type of baking soda or a spray that would not hurt the burning of the wood if it is holding that smell when you burn it...Skunks are predators to my pigeons but I think they are so so cute those skunks especially the baby ones with their little stripping down the back...If I had a lot of money I would have a skunk habitat for people to bring them to so that they all could have a forever home.. I had a pet skunk one time about 50 years ago and her name was Lotus Blossom and she was descented and a nice pet..They get active at night time and love grasshoppers for they eat them up...old clancey


Sep 21, 2009
Western CT
Try ammonia - wet a rag and stuff it in there, or apply it around the areas they get in - my dad swears by it for chippers, skunks and tree rats.....


Minister of Fire
Feb 12, 2019
SW Missoura
I've had one digging around my chicken coop a couple weeks ago. He tried several nights to dig under the wire but unbeknownst to him......I buried the wire 2 foot in my rocky clay ground. I saw him one morning running up the hill of our driveway in a trot of defeat lol. Apparently he gave up and hasn't been back since lol. Good luck with the skunk smell. I've never really seen much that cures it other than time really.


New Member
Jan 22, 2021
I'm not sure about outside and on the wood, but when my dogs get sprayed and bring it in to the house we boil vinegar. Yes boiling vinegar smells too, but once the vinegar smell goes away there is no skunk smell. Now dealing with the dogs is a different story.
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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
I had to put my fly pen hard wiring under the ground in concrete to discourage the digging from skunks for we get them here in the city and they are predators for pigeons..I also have wood guards with hard wire that clip shut just for a added safety measure for the birdies..clancey