Moisture questions


Feeling the Heat
Nov 1, 2017
Chesaning MI
When I hauled wood in I threw in some crab apple I had . It was cut and stacked 3 years ago. Last night I grabbed a split from the basement and split it. It reads anything from 18% to 22-23% . Can I throw these in with dryer stuff or put the back out side.


Minister of Fire
Feb 12, 2019
SW Missoura
You can. I would try to keep 20% as a good baseline as what to burn and if higher.....stash back for next year. But yes if you have several dry splits it wont hurt if you throw in a split that is a lil wetter.


Minister of Fire
Sep 15, 2011
Nova Scotia
Cut up an old apple tree here a couple few years ago that was about 3/4 dead and 1/2 fallen over. It was time. I kept some for the smoker. Wish I had of kept way more than I did.

It should be good at those readings.
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