Monitoring Buffer Tank Temperatures Using Fibaro Smart Implant

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Dec 5, 2005
Sand Lake, NY
(I haven't been here a while, so I don't know what's current or anything.)

This is a buffer tank for my pellet and oil boilers. It's only 120 gallons-not 1,000 gallons like some wood burning people use.

I used a Fibaro Smart Implant, which is a tiny little thing. I connected three DS18B20 temperature sensors. These sensors each have three wires and are digital. I believe they're called "1 wire", but I don't know-maybe because they share a data line.

It is a Z-Wave device that I have on my Hubitat home automation hub.

The Fibaro supports 6 DS18B20 sensors, but I have the max length, 3 meters, and they're cheap (quality?). It'd be hard to reach anything much else with the same Implant, so I stuck with just the buffer tank.

It seems work great. I just used the default driver that it pairs with when included. I have it set to report on a 1 deg F change. When the temperature is transitioning, it updates in 30 second intervals (not configurable).

Key is not to include the Smart Implant before all the sensors are connected. If you change the number of sensors, exclude and re-include.

It's not used to control anything; I already have sensors that do that. I just thought it was neat.

That fibaro is a cool device-very flexible. I can see using its 0-10v capability to read the voltage on a 12 volt battery, with the help of a resistor. Also has relays. And again, it's tiny.

I'm not graphing anything.

I wish I could find something similar for thermocouples for the stack, mostly for the wood stove insert.