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Nov 27, 2012

I have a MORSO 1B. Can you give me information on the hearth clearances for the front and sides? Also, the metal placard on the rear of the stove is barely legible. The clearances for the rear and sides are 32" and 36", respectively. I used Durock to reduces the rear clearance to 18". Is this correct? Would you happen to know anyone who may have a copy of the installation and users booklet for the MORSO 1B? Thanks for any assistance you may provide.


Yes, the durock mounted 1" off the wall will reduce to 18". However, I have no books or labels which tell me the listed front and side clearance for that model. The front needs 18" (in front of loading door) for the floor. Usually, 12" of floor protection will do fine on the sides. Hope this helps.
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