MTD/Yard Machines/Cub Cadet/Troy Bilt 25-Ton Splitter Pros/Cons List

thinkxingu Posted By thinkxingu, Sep 12, 2011 at 12:31 AM

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    Hello All,
    I'm not sure anyone's actually posted a pros/cons list for these machines, so here goes. I think I've been VERY critical, but please feel free to add what I miss. Overall, I would buy mine again--especially for around the $1k price point.


    * Tire Fenders--keeps logs from hitting rubber, which is good (see cons)
    * Log cradles come standard (see cons)
    * Honda engine is fuel sipper and starts on two pulls when cold, one pull when warm--every time
    * Comes filled with fluids--$50 value?
    * Vertical and horizontal splitting
    * Plenty of power--haven't hit a piece I couldn't split yet
    * Fairly quiet
    * 2" hitch and chains--can be towed by truck/tractor
    * Fit/finish/paint/performance are excellent
    * Easy to assemble--only a couple pieces to connect
    * Very easy to set up and move between horizontal/vertical

    * Tires get in way of my feet--have to lean over a bit to place log *probably my only real issue, which is not a big deal with two people working together. When alone, I tend to kick the tires fairly often
    * Log cradles need to be adjusted--stock they get caught up and bend/break bolts
    * No work table (most don't come with one stock, but it is something many would want to add)--will be adding eBay table people post about, and will post review later
    * Because of no work table, fenders keep logs from hitting tire
    * A tad slow if using full throw--my splits are 20", and I usually don't have to go more than ten before they pop apart
    * Couple reports of bad trunion mounts on cylinders--mine look beefed up, and statistically not sure it's an issue
    * Original support leg--I think it's been redesigned, but mine was a finger-chopper. I immediately replaced it with a folding boat trailer wheel
    * Beam foot size--I'm fairly certain these are somewhat the same across brands, but when splitting vertically it's tough to fit a 30" round on an 8" (guess) foot--I tend to have to hold the round in place
    * Beam foot extrusions--I'm not sure if these two half-moon steel pieces are for grip or what, but when trying to slide large rounds on, they often get caught up
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