Q&A My Fireplace Does Not Have a Damper Can I Install One?

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    Is it possible to install a damper in a wood burning fireplace that has never had a damper? I have a woodburning fireplace that does not have a damper, and would like to install a vented natural gas log set. I already own the gas log set. If installing a damper is an option, can anyone give me an idea about cost? Also, I have heard that there is a chimney top damper that can be added to an existing fireplace. Would a chimney top damper be a cost effective option, and would it work with a vented natural gas log set?


    If you were planning to continue to use your fireplace for burning wood, you could have a new damper installed.

    There probably was one there at some time.

    On the other hand, since you are planning to install a vented gas log set, the installation codes for vented gas log sets requires that the chimney damper be removed or permanently disabled in the open position.

    The concern being that someone my accidentally begin operating the gas logs with the damper closed and by-products of combustion would be forced into the room.

    So the confusing answer is, yes, dampers can be retro-fitted to existing wood fireplaces, but, no, if you're installing a gas log set.
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