Napoleon Fireplaces??

Rob From Wisconsin Posted By Rob From Wisconsin, Dec 7, 2005 at 5:52 PM

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  1. Rob From Wisconsin

    Rob From Wisconsin
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    Nov 20, 2005
    East-Central Wisconsin
    From what I see from the "ratings" section of Hearthnet,
    they make a great woodstove. How about their fireplaces??
    Anyone with any experience with their wood fireplace line??
    Your input would be appreciated...

  2. heatxchanger

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    Nov 25, 2005
    Hello Rob,

    Yes, Napoleon does appear to have a good reputation.

    They have exactly two EPA certified (high efficiency) models. The NZ26 and the High County NZ6000. I was going to purchase the NZ26 but then I discovered that the firebox was tiny at only 1.6 cubic feet. The NZ6000 is on the other side of the spectrum at a whopping 4.8 cubic feet and 700 pounds. This model was too big for my application. I ended up with a BIS model by Security Fireplace. Security is owned by Lennox.

    A diirect competitor to the NZ26 is the BIS Ultima which is also sold under the Lennoz brand as the Brentwood. It has a 2.0 cubic foot firebox.

    If you like the NZ26 and the 1.6 cubic foot firebox is adequate for you then definitley go for it. It is one of the few fireplaces that has a removable (slide out) ash pan below the firebox.
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