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    I recently purchased a home with a wood stove insert. I am not familiar with these stoves at all. Inside the stove there seems to be a plate that sits in the middle of the stove. I am assuming that this is the grate. I have had conflicting opinions here. Some people tell me to place the wood on the grate, while others say the grate should be placed higher and the wood should go directly on the brick. Can you please advise???


    If it is solid it may not be a grate, but could be a baffle. A baffle redirects smoke so that it does not go immediately up the chimney. Many baffle plates sit on a ledge above the firebrick and toward the rear of the firebox.

    If the base of the stove has solid firebrick then there is a good chance it is designed to have the fire built directly on the brick.

    Since we can't see your insert, it is not a bad idea to find a local Napoleon dealer and have him do an examination to verify that everything in your insert is assembled properly, and give you some basic operating instructions. It is also a good idea to try downloading a manual for your insert from Napoleon to get more information

    Link: Napoleon Fireplaces - Product page
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