Need help Identifying fisher stove

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New Member
Oct 30, 2021
I've been pouring over the internet for the model of stove I have but I'm coming up short. My stove looks very similar to other fisher stoves but haven't found the exact one yet. I'm trying to track down a data plate for it so my home insurance will let me use it. Its 30" across the top, 8" exhaust, door is 20" wide, has large vents on the side and small vents on the front and looks to handle a 24" log. Greatly appreciate any help I can get here.

20211030_150022.jpg 20211030_150634.jpg


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Dec 22, 2007
Grandpa IV.
I believe it should be described and pictured in the Fireplace Series Details thread in sticky section at top of the Fisher homepage.

The first post of that thread, last sentence and last picture is the last model designated Series IV with the larger glass. Grandma is pictured.
Grandpa specs are 30 inch wide top compared to 25 1/2 for Grandma.

The side intakes are primary air, front sliders are air wash over glass. Once up to temp they burn fine overnight with air wash only.

The UL tag would have been on the rear shield.
When any appliance is missing the tag it is no longer a Listed appliance.