Need help picking a stove out


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May 9, 2019
hi all,
I recently closed on a house and I want to start looking for a used pellet stove and get a jump on this so I am not running around as fall approaches.
I’ve found a few uses stoves on Craigslist but it’s a gamble how reliable they are. But here is what I found and could use any help/ opinions on them
Harman absolute 43 (built in 15)
Harman 38 plus ( no idea how old it is)
Harman xx ( for sale at stove shop, been rebuilt, new board)
Between the 3 I’m leaning towards the 43 as it’s the newest.
But I can use any help you have,


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How many BTUs do you need? That's the bottom lime, IMHO. If ALL of them meet your heating needs, then these are MY thoughts....If you are putting the stove in a room where you will be spending time, the XXV is both the prettiest & most quiet of these units... It also puts out the most heat & has a 65 lb hopper. The other two models are more "industrial" looking, & if the install is in a basement or a room where they are not looked at all the time, maybe they will do...They are good heaters, but with lower heat output & less hopper capacity. That being said, which one does your significant other want?


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May 9, 2019
Just me living in the house so it’s my call, lol. We have a living room then another living room that’s empt on the other side of the stairs. I want to put it in there. House is a 1500sf colonial.
I don’t think the smaller hopper is a issue, it’s still got to be filled maybe just sooner than the other. I think it’s more than enough to heat the house.


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Sep 10, 2018
Newport, Wa
I put in XXV in May last year. Great Stove. Parts are cheap compared to XXV TC. Kept my 2000 sq ft nice and warm. 74 in hallway when outside was -10f. Burned about 1 bag a day then. Typical Winter (20f at night) we went thru 1/2 bag. Easy to clean. Quiet for Pellet Stove. Replaced BK King Wood Stove.

I put in AIMES Inverter/Charger with 100ah for Backup (6 hours run time). Buying new additional 100ah for next season so I have 2 of them for 12 hrs (I have Generator too for Well and Stuff with transfer panel)


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Nov 23, 2008
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Jul 7, 2008
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I’ve found some on Craigslist and Facebook market. I’m looking for a used stove and around here all the dealers are selling old stoves got almost the price of a new stove!
The problem is things go wrong with pellet stoves doesn't matter what age they are a lot of times. So first you got to determine why the person is selling the pellet stove listen closely and then evaluate what he's telling you. It could work but it may not work correctly. Boards go a lot of times and it can cost you hundreds of dollars off the bat, blowers go augurs go and sometimes age doesn't matter. Most times you get what you pay for sometimes you luck out and get something really good it's the chance you take. No I've never buddy used pellet stove and I'm on my fourth or fifth one until I found the one that I really love.