Need help with old blazeking Princess PEJ 1002

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New Member
Nov 12, 2021
I purchased a used, very beat up old princess stove. The back tag has the PEJ 1002 and KEJ 1101 listed regarding proper code placement. It was produced in 1984. It was missing the combustor. The manual that I could obtain online from Blazeking doesn't mention what size the combustor should be only that it is removed and replaced through the 8" flue hole in the top of the stove. Can anyone tell me what size the combustor is??? additionally, I viewed a post by the blazeking expert guy on the forum (the fishing man I think of him) stating this stove had difficulties with thermal fractures in the combustor because of the holes in the side of the stove bringing in cold air to the combustor. So my second question is, is it then even worth replacing the combustor? If not, what then can be done about the reducing emissions, and or covering the combustor hole some to keep more debris from collecting on top of the combustor dome? I have heard folks drilling holes in plates of steel etc.
OK, so apparently have purchased to correct combustor, however the steel around the seat in the stove has warped so it will not seat correctly. just got off phone with blazeking support....the third call...finally got through to someone who knew something...the combustor on this stove is a round 7" X 2" for anyone needing that info. Given the warped seat band, he suggested cutting the metal band and seal just enough to get past the warped areas of the band as the remaining seal would seal up sufficiently around the area cut. Hope that makes sense. Otherwise it is heating and pounding out the warped areas :-(