Need some recommendations on wood inserts please!!

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New Member
Nov 16, 2023
Hey everyone! I need some opinions and recommendations for a wood burning insert. I had an older Napoleon at my last house and loved it. New house has a gas insert in the bottom level (tri-level house) and I’m wanting to replace it with a wood burning insert. The gas one puts out zero heat. Honestly it won’t be used a ton, just here and there during the winter weekends and more so in case the power goes out.

Are the Menards and home depot brands even worth it or will I regret it with how little I plan on using it. Maybe 10-15 fires a year. Or should I spend a little more and get something nicer. I do plan on staying in this house (2800sqft) for the next 15 years at least. I’ll admit I know very little as to which brands to stay away from and which are worth the money. Thanks for the help guys!
Is the gas insert in a masonry fireplace?

Go carefully with low end inserts, not all end up being a good value. Drolet inserts are well made and reliable performers.
Century inserts are also made by the same parent company and are decent value inserts. Pleasant Hearth and True North are also ok.