New BK Ashford owner

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New Member
Dec 1, 2022
Hastings, MI
Good morning!

As the title indicates, I'm a new BK Ashford 30 owner; I grew up heating with an outdoor Central Boiler and just a little bit with a Vermont Castings Defiant, so this is fairly new for me.

My first question after running the stove for ~18 hours is what is normal for a stovepipe temperature? Based on Blaze King's literature, I wasn't expecting to see any higher than ~300°F, but primarily within the first hour or so of reloading the stove and getting it up to temp, I'm seeing 600-700°F (also, dumb that probe thermometer in the stovepipe technically flue temp? Or is flue temp once you actually get inside the chimney?.... rookie here....). The stove temperature and cat temperature seem to be riding very much in normal ranges and as I'd expect based on the reading I've done; I'm just a little surprised/concerned with the pipe temp. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to learning this stove in the weeks to come.
New BK Ashford owner
Since you're running it hot enough to have a flame in the firebox, 700 is totally normal and mine does the same.

For long and low cruises mine sits at 400. Measured on a condar flue probe meter in double wall pipe.
How tall is your chimney?

I agree with the above.