New build with ZC fireplace and porch with stove or fireplace. Help!

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Mar 1, 2021
Central Oregon
Hi all, I have been doing a lot of research here and have learned a ton in the last couple days. I am starting a build in a month or two and am very excited to be adding a zero clearance fireplace. I live in Eastern Oregon, we have one of the largest temperature variations between seasons and day/night in the world. Our summers are hot, 100F+. Our winters are cold 10F and below. The house will be about 2800 sq ft on the main level with an upper bonus room. I am looking to put in the FX 44 Elite in the house with the summer fan switch. From what I read here it looks great and heats even better. I hope it can heat the house by itself but I'll have an electric furnace for convenience. The unit will be mounted to an exterior wall toward our back porch with a patio door very close to retrieve wood.

Because our summers are so hot and winters are so cold I've designed a porch with a covered and walled in area that open air only in one corner. I hope this keeps the space cooler in the summer but I'd especially love to warm it in the winter. My question is this, What is the best option for heating this space? Due to the 44 Elite, I am committed to having wood nearby. Esthetics are important and my preference is a classy fireplace but function matters too. I want to be able to enjoy a scotch and cigar in the porch nook when its 30F-40F outside. Should I go insert or stove? I want to see flames.

Your help is appreciated!
You think you have cold winters lol .come visit me next winter.


  • New build with ZC fireplace and porch with stove or fireplace. Help!
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Is that humidity reading correct?