New Enviro M55 FS stove owner

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Cleaned the unit and fired it up. Been anywhere from the 30's-40's during the day and teens-20's at night. It seems as though the fan isn't quite pumping out the volume as before. I may cycle it off and tear it down and see if the fan is dirty or needs attention. This will be season 8 (if I recall) with this unit.
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A Clean stove is a happy stove
Well I had to order another distribution fan. This will be the third. I can tell the fan is on it's way out- the bearing is making all hells kind of noise and the velocity of the output air is dropping.

I can say that is certainly the weak link in this unit. This will be the third fan in 9 years. They run about $325 a pop too.
Well I’m going to put new bearings in the old fan assembly and keep it on the shelf. Invariably the fan will go out during the coldest weather.
Back again for another fun year! Haven't had the unit on yet, but this weekend looks like the start to this seasons heating. I've stocked up on 4.5 tons of pellets. We're keeping this unit but buying a new Harmon insert unit to replace an old propane fireplace upstairs. With all the supply chain issues and backlogs the new Harmon is out 20weeks or more (at least here). Will let you know how it goes!
Back for another year! Gonna be single digits lows this week.

So had to do some parts replacements after a decade of use. Needed a new agitator rod, fire grate and burn pot and replaced the distribution fan. Parts (except the fan) cost $195.89 from Stove & Grill Parts For Less. I think the fan was $225.00. Fan took me less than 30 minutes, everything else was just drop in. She fired right up and is chugging along.

Buying 2 tons of Idaho Supremes for $275 a ton. Man they are getting pricey!

Anyway- love the stove, it's been a dependable workhorse in our house for over a decade. No complaints from me.
I fired mine up a few weeks ago. I was unable to do any maintenance due to injuries. Pressed the button and it fired up, ran fine. I switched over to the Harman because it uses less pellets in the shoulder season. I’ll be back to the big guy soon j reckon. These things really are hardy stoves.
We never bought an insert for upstairs. We decided to keep that propane for now. It's been pretty steady single digit temps at night for a month, and getting some snow. Looks like a real Montana winter this year. Already 5" ice on the lakes.

I've already run almost a 3/4 ton in the stove in a month. Going to go grab 2 tons of pellets this weekend if the forklift guy is around.