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    We are building a new home and want to use a wood stove for winter heating. We are building on a slab foundation and want to place the stove in a corner of the kitchen near the center of the house. While beginning the search for a stove, we inherited one our parents were getting rid of. It is an "Ice Breaker", manufactured in Indiana. The only complication is that it was previously used as a fireplace insert, now we are needing to put in an affordable zero clearance fireplace so that we can re-insert it! It requires an opening 281/4" W. x 25" H. x 15" D. What size fireplace do I need and can you recommend the least expensive reliable model.


    This may not be a legal use of that insert. In addition, I think the project will cost as much or more than a new stove, and give you less - the stove is not up-to-date and clean burning. Only a few fireplace inserts are approved for pre-fab or "zero clearance" fireplaces. I have never heard of this brand, so it is likely that it is not suited for this use.
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