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Dec 9, 2023
Dixon Missouri 65459
My wife and I bought my home place I was raised at . It’s a 70 rancher 2600 sq ft all 8’ flat ceilings . With that said we always heated with a big country flame insert with stainless liner up the flu. Old owners must of sold insert but I’ve found this one for sale but I can’t identify year , model number , cat or non cat . The tag seems worn and I’m pretty green on inserts . Thanks in advance for any help on identifying what this unit in pics is .

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It "looks" like a model B catalytic, but that should be verified. Did they provide any interior shots. Looking up at the baffle area, the B model has a stainless steel plate under the cat that looks like a fat T.

Hopefully the price is great. It's a 30 yr old insert.
thanks for taking your time to help . When I got there it is a cat stove 90s model with very little use . I was not really wanting a cat stove but I figured I would try it with the excellent shape it was in . As far as price I do not really know what a great deal is but it will get me back in the fireplace insert game as my liner is 8” as well . Thanks again .
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