New stove need help deciding

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Feb 22, 2023
Good evening, I am new to woodstoves, my wife and I are wanting to put one in our basement. I have narrowed it down to three stoves but would love some additional input!
option #1 is the Quadra-Fire 4300
Option #2 is the Pacific energy super le
Option #3 is the Regancy F2450
From what I have read all options are a good choice but some different variables, I appreciate any and all input!
cheers and save burning!
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Welcome to the forum. Great information on here. I have the smaller PE Vista next one down from the super. You can read my review of it on the PE manufacture thread. The super is the same just a bigger firebox. We love it. Easy to use and heats our 1,900 sq ft house well. Well built stove and easy breathing.
Will the stove just be heating the basement? How many sq. ft.? Are the basement walls insulated?
Do you have dry wood ready? It can take two years to get it dry. And buying seasoned wood often means buying wet wood.

If you are serious about a stove, get wood now and dry it (split, off the ground and top covered). And get a pallet of sawdust bricks when you order the stove
What are the features that brought you to those stoves? What are you looking for in a stove?