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New Member
Jan 24, 2022
Canton NY
Hey everybody, new member here and am looking for opinions on a new stove. I grew up with an outside wood boiler but this will be my first indoor wood stove. The space I’m heating is our primary residence, open floor plan, 2 stories with bedrooms on each end, approximately 2500 sq ft. My local dealers offer some different brands of stoves I’m considering, a Pacific energy summit classic le, a Vermont castings defiant and a Lopi Liberty.

The Defiant is more expensive but at least I would get the 2021 tax credit. The pacific energy summit classic le is significantly cheaper but i worry about how well it will heat my space. The lopi Liberty is probably my favorite but it’s the same price as the defiant and there is no tax credit.

The defiant seems kind of small and I worry about a cast iron stove heating such a large space.

Any help with this decision would be greatly appreciated. Pictures from before we moved in attached for reference.

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Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
If the space is well insulated then either the Liberty or the Summit will get the job done as long as the firewood is well seasoned. Both are very good stoves. There are also large stoves by Drolet, Osburn and Regency that would work.