New tax credits for 2021

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Mar 9, 2021
Northern Idaho
Hello everyone.

First post on the forum and I have learned a lot since discovering it three days ago.

I had stumbled upon a You Tube video posted by a fire place retailer about the 2021 25(D) situation. Of course like most other newbies, I already had a short list of woodburners that I was looking to purchase this year anyway, and none of them made the cut. So I think that someone who is not a new guy should ask a moderator or admin to do a pinned thread below this one for the 75% HHV models. Something tells me that as the 25D credit drives guys like me towards the companies holding the "golden tickets" on the EPA database, that the business development and engineering teams of everyone else are going to push to get their tests redone, or submitted for the first time. By 4th qtr 2021 we should see more tested units achieving a 75% rating and it would be great if manufacturers and retailers could come here first and add their models to the growing list.

I REALLY think it will reduce the number of new people wandering in here mumbling "bUt iTs On tHE LiSt" when y'all tell them their favorite fire box ain't 75%.

Sorry to turn my comment into a welcome post, but I hate drive-by posting on new forums. it's disrespectful to people who call this corner of the internet home and contribute their time and knowledge to others.

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