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Dec 22, 2021
Hello everyone, I just bought an older Berm style house with 5 acres as I wanted a bit of off grid feel and cheaper living being I am disabled. Cheap as my only bills are Electric and Propane since Im on well and septic. Planning a large garden and already had chickens the past 3 years before moving here. I wanted to cut down on my propane use as it was almost $600 to top off my tank for the winter of 250 gallons of fuel. A couple days ago I made a trade and got a nice little Vogelzang VG450ELGB Frontiersman that I have been refurbishing, need to get new gaskets and then cure the paint outside , later down the road I will upgrade to a bigger stove for longer burn times. Since filling with propane just before Thanksgiving I have used 10% already to this day with decent days ranging from 40s to 60s but nights dropping into the 20s and 30s so the stove should offset that drastically.
Few things I dont like about this stove is the air inlet on the rear has no way of regulating as well as the one on the front so Im tempted to design my own little sliding damper on themsince its plate steel it cam be welded on or screwed on.... also has an airwash on the door to keep the glass clear, it is a bit different from larger stoves Ive had and unusual with the air inlets on the back ( you can see into the stove from them ) but cant see them with the shield and blower in place ) odd. any advice, ideas appreciated. And thanks for letting me join.

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