Newbie on Venting

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May 31, 2008
S. New Hampshire
Hello all. New here and fiind this an absolutely great resource. I have scoured the discussions and have a few questions on venting. We currently have a Vt Castings Madison woodstove and have just put a deposit on Harman XXV to put in its place on a stand-alone hearth.

My questions. 1) The chimney has clay lining and shop says simply follow manual, 3" connector and elbow right to 6" coverter and stovepipe (I know to seal it) right up to thimble, which is 8" so will need reducer there. Any thoughts on using this or is lining the way to go?

2) When installing liner, how is it supported? Does it simply hang from cap/chase cover?

3) My chimney runs down to basement and has a cleanout with simple metal door. Does this need to be sealed?

4) How does one clean this liner? A "T" at the thimble would have an inaccessable bottom cleanout cover. Can I just run a pipe below to cleanout area? Will this affect the way the liner is supported?
Still hoping to get some help. My main question is cleaning the vent. Having a low profile exhaust from XXV, I am trying to install vent that will be cleanable from stove to thimble. I can't see how to do this and without having to pull the pipe every time I need to clean it. Also, still would like to know if the liner needs extra support or will top support the full weight?
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