Not all electric splitters are wimpy

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Jul 25, 2006 at 11:03 AM

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  1. elkimmeg

    Guest 2.

    My electric splitter

    Check the picture below this is not an integrated unit. It has a separate Barns Hydro 11gpm Pump. 4 way splitting valve Meaning two speeds forward, fast speed for easy splitting, which automatically kicks back to slower speed for tough splitting. It also has automatic return to the closed position. Of special attention is the hydro pump. Brand name Barns. The reservoir took over 3 gallons to fill, not a couple pints in the integrated electric units.
    The pump is capable of delivering more tons of splitting force. It can easily support 20 plus tons. If I change the cylinder to 3.5 “ = 16 tons to a 4” 20 plus tons The Hydro valve can be set to work at a higher PSI squeezing more force to split. The motor is wired for 110 volts rated 1.5 hp. It can be wired for 220 and produce 2 hp. I also could swap to a 2 hp 110-volt motor. Finally as I said earlier I can swap the electric motor to a gas one, a B&S 3.5 hp all the way up to a Honda 5.5. Should I find it not powered enough to complete the tasks? I do have a path to upgrade it for more power.

    So far it has split everything I have feed it. When I reviewed the 4-ton Ryobi, It could not split a 8” by 12” American Rock Elm.
    For those who have tried to split American Rock Elm, they know just how hard it is, stringy, knarly. Using an 8 lb maul got me nowhere, after repeated blows. The only thing that happened is my elbows got numb. I no longer have that test piece it’s split, so is the 14 by 16” piece as well. 3 cords later it has handled everything I feed it All my American Rock Elm has been split. I made some modifications, since I bought the splitter. Not that it needed them; it worked fine, At 12 tons. First I adjusted the hydro valve to approach 3000 PSI. and also swapped out the Hydro cylinder to 16+ tons. The pump and valve will support up to 25 tons but I wanted to take it the next level just to see if there was more it can do. Right now pushing 16+ tons splitting everything in sight. Real easy to start just throw the switch. Quietness, all gas splitter owner ever experienced. No sucking in gas fumes, no hard starting, power on demand. Limited to being attached to an electrical cord and 20 amp. circuit. Limited power, as gas engines can deliver more power.
    Gas splitters have freedom not having an electrical wire attached. With this splitter setup I can swap engines as I had mentioned.
    The best of both worlds

    Technical Details

    If one wants the most powerful electric splitter consider the ram splitter 12 tons with real serious components.

    Motor Marathon
    Model Number: 56B17F5302Catalog Number: G378
    Product Type: CAP START CAP RUNNormally Stocked: YES
    Enclosure: TEFCList
    Frame: 56HMultiplier Symbol: F1
    Dimensional Drawing A-100113-856 PDF
    Dimensional Drawing A-100113-856 DXF Connection Diagram 102006-52 PDF
    Connection Diagram 102006-52 DXF
    HP: 1.5Frequency (HZ): 60 This is no wimpy motor real comercial costing $365 alone made by Marathon
    Speed (RPM): 1800Mounting: RIGID
    Phase: 1Motor Wt: 41
    Volts: 115/208-230Insulation Class: B
    F.L. Amps: Duty: CONTINUOUS 15.2 8.6 -7.6
    Service Factor: 1.15Max. Ambient: 40
    Bearing: BALL/BALLF.L. Eff.:
    DE Bearing: NONEThermal Protection: MANUAL
    OPE Bearing: NONEKVA Code: J
    Footnotes: Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run design for reduced amperage
    Performance/Certification Data
    Ball bearing Heavy gauge steel frame and base
    Capacitor start design for high starting torque 1.15 Service factor
    UL Recognized and CSA Certified

    Barns11GPM 2 Stage Hydraulics Pump gives you faster cycle times

    Log Splitter Detent Valve Pre set to 2250 PSI adjustable to 3000 psi
    4 way valve fast speed for easy splitting slower speed for more pressure. Automatic kick back to closed position when stroke is completed

    Prince 3000 PSI Hydraulic Cylinder 3” 18.5” stroke

    3 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir.

    Log splitting capacity 24” round by 20” length

    Since I wrote this post Ramsplitter has come out with the 16 ton model. One of our forum members from Maine has bought it
    I have also reviewed a 6-Ton intergrated electric splitter. About a month back found in the hearth room
    and my prior review of the Ryobi 4 tom splitter
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  2. RoosterBoy

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    Jul 5, 2006
    looks like a nice splitter Don I'm glad you posted a picture of it. how long is the cord that you use for it and dose the end if it heat up
    indicating voltage drop with a long cod small wire.? other then that it looks like the biggest electric log splitter i have ever seen

  3. elkimmeg

    Guest 2.

    extention cords first 100' is 10 gage next 100' is 12 gage Plugs get warm but no more than 70 80 drgrees no way close to melting.
    What I like is the ability to cut a bit then split a bit, then stack. The effort is spreadout. It runns about 15 amps after the initial surge switching it on. Most of what I gather is short log length I can lift. cutting it into 16"/ 18" rounds I use an electric 3hp saw. Again power on demand no iddeling between cuts. I have 5 other gas chainsaws but I like the quiteness of the entire opperation. If the cords were not already there then gas saws are the way to go. My next electric saw will be a Makita. I have used them and they cut as fast at the homeowner gas poulans. Heavy remote cutting a Makita 18" or my Stihl farm boss 16" bar Its approaching 30 years old and has cut more than any homeowner situation. Roads lots and keeps on delivering. But I make all the repairs and keep it sharp and oiled.

    Eric professes sharpening with every tank full. I look at the chips from cutting to determine when it needs to be sharpened. My philosiphy is not to mess with something running correctly. Filing is not an exact science It is possible to dull a good chain sharpening it. Or it makes no sense to sharpen reducing chain life, when it is sharp and working correctly. This works for me. Eric's method works for him. End result is working with an adequately sharp chain.
  4. Randy S

    Randy S
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    Feb 14, 2006
    Goodmorning Elk,

    I have white, red oak and hickory on my place, diameters between 12-24 inches. Will the 12 ton electric ramsplitter take care of these, or would I be better served to get the gas powered model?


  5. elkimmeg

    Guest 2.

    12 tons will get the job done. Also one does not need to make the first split dead center I always figure what size that round will produce and appraoch it that way. I start on the outside an work to the center on larger rounds. After I spent a good amount of change for It I want it to last. I do many, white which is much harder to split than red, oak rounds 18" long 24" wide and split 95% or more of what I feed into the splitter. Very few does it reject and most of the ones it does I am still able to split by re-positioning them taking a smaller bite of lokking at the piece and finding straighter grain
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