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    I need to know how a free standing oil stove compares to the performance of a traditional new wood stove. Has the industry accepted the oil stove as a serious heat source in this new package? I realize it's more expensive than wood, however given the work & handling of wood, the cost of pellets & maintenance of a pellet stove, plus heating effectiveness for an entire home. Where do these oil stoves stack up in the running of home heating. Yes they look pretty - they all do. I realize the wood factor is a life style choice, I've been burning for 12 years (not personally). I just need to know the straight facts.


    The oil burning stoves have not really caught on in our industry, however there are a lot of good things to say about them. The cost of oil is well less than pellets, and in some areas competitive with wood. These units are also quite efficient.

    Most units are made in Europe and imported.

    So, from an economic viewpoint, they definitely make sense. Make certain to figure in the chimney, oil tank and other possible added costs.

    Try http://www.napoleonfireplaces.com/Webshare/oil_all.html for more info

    Link: Franco Belge Oil Stoves
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