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Jan 4, 2016
I have recently acquired a Blaze Princess insert PFF 403. I believe it is a model from the 80's. It's in pretty decent shape but it is missing what I believe to be a damper control on the top rear exhaust of the stove. there is just a rectangle opening with nothing to slow or damper down the exhaust. Does anyone have any knowledge of this stove, or any ideas on how i would be able to damper it down?
Thanks for the help!
Got any pictures? And what about one of the round dampers you can put in the stove pipe?
I have it installed already and just slid it into my existing fireplace. I used heavy metal plates and set them on the opening covering up about 3/4 leaving about a 4x5" opening for the smoke. Similar to having a 6' round pipe. I have it slid in with insulation and shroud in place. Works great and throws out tons of heat but i have no way of really dampering it down to hold it better overnight. There must have been something originally that set atop the opening with a rod coming out of the shroud to control it. there is a notch on both sides of the shroud for something to stick through.
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