Older wood insert liner adapter

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New Member
Oct 17, 2023
Independence Kentucky
Hey I just thought I'd put this out there just in case anyone was thinking about doing something similar.

I came across this older Aurora stove and there were no ID tags or anything on it at all, but it seemed like it was an excellent shape. I bought an adapter from fireside.com, drilled and tapped some holes in the back of the insert, and sealed and bolted them together. Then I purchase a double walled liner and had that installed along with this older insert.

So I have ran this thing now going on 7 hours and my furnace hasn't kicked on one time here and it's been 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I have a 3000 ft house that's relatively open and it is currently heating all the rooms if the doors are open. I'm completely shocked at how well this thing is performing.

I'm new to the wood stove game, but overall I'm very impressed on how well this older stove is performing. I completely understand the efficiency of the new ones, but I only paid $200 for this stove.

IMG_20231210_114659483_HDR.jpg IMG_20231116_134437663_HDR.jpg IMG_20231116_134957291_HDR.jpg IMG_20231211_180005179_HDR.jpg IMG_20231210_180117070.jpg IMG_20231210_125413499.jpg IMG_20231209_163320380.jpg IMG_20231211_212111939.jpg