Optimal burning

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New Member
Dec 1, 2022
Hello. This is our second year burning with our new (last year) QuadraFire Expedition II. I think we went through a lot of wood due to trial and error last season. I read about people getting seven hours of burn time and wonder is that with one load? So the bottom line is, I'm wondering how do you stack the wood and use this insert optimally?


Staff member
Burn time is usually measured from the time you put the wood in to the time usable heart is no longer being put off and you need to reload. How you arrange the wood plays a part, as well as the species, outside temperature, chimney height, etc. There's lots that go into how well, or poorly, the stove works.


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2019
Long Island NY
Burn times are THE debates here. Definitions vary.

It seems to me that if you stuff (stove Tetris...) the box full with decent (and dry!) hardwood, you should be able to get 7 hrs of heat out of it and have some coals left to reload without relighting.


Burning Hunk
Mar 3, 2019
Not with the stove you have. I have the same one and I can't get 7 hours either. Since it's a single burn rate stove mine burns way too hot, greatly reducing my burn times and sending all the heat up the chimney


Dec 22, 2014
Prescott, AZ
With my Quadra fire Voyageur Grand, I can get 7-8 hours burn time. At the end I am only getting about 100*F air temp out the front (250*F at the peak) . Up to 12 hours I can relight off of the coals. Burning dry Juniper.