Osburn Matrix 2700 thermometer?

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New Member
Feb 8, 2022
Has anyone found a good solution for a stove top thermometer for the Osburn Matrix 2700? https://www.osburn-mfg.com/en/products/wood-inserts/matrix-2700-wood-insert/ It's a beautiful insert, but with no exposed top and rounded front, I haven't found a good way to get a temperature reading. For now I am using a little infrared thermometer and reading between the top of the door and the blower vent, but I wasn't sure how these numbers would compare to a STT. As a new wood burner, I am still struggling to know when I am doing something right, don't have a large enough fire, and worry about overfiring.



New Member
Nov 7, 2022
Can you pull back your surround and install an Auber probe? Typically they’re used for flue temperature, but they do make one that mounts to the surface of a pipe, you could probably mount that on the top of your insert.