Osburn Matrix Wood Insert

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New Member
Jan 18, 2022
Anyone own the Matrix Wood Insert, and what is your experience with it? Also, what size logs do you use? I understand the recommended size is 16”.


Minister of Fire
Oct 27, 2008
Wildwood MO
I do not own a matrix but I have looked a few they look like a very well made unit. It looks to me like 16" wood could be loaded front to rear. I prefer loading that way because its easier to pack the firebox full. Btw I see your name is Wildwoodphoto are you in Wildwood MO?


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2014
Belair mb
Which matrix as they have 3 different sizes?


May 10, 2018
Cincinnati, OH
We have a 2700 Matrix insert. It's our first year with it. Aside from my learning curve, and access to truly seasoned wood it's been really nice. I do have a hard time keeping the edges of the glass totally clear...but it's not bad.
Our house is wide open with an fairly unique floor plan, 3,300 square feet. The Osburn got us almost to Jan. without turning the furnace on at all. Some chilly mornings, but otherwise comfortable. Now the furnace is on and kicks on here are there depending on the outside temp.