osburn matrix

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  1. K

    Supplementing Wood Insert Sizing

    Hello! This community has been great so far on giving advice/ and helping us with our wood burning stove insert. To recall: We have an open hearth masonry fireplace that we are awaiting to install the Osburn Matrix into. Per our installer we will need an insulated 30’ chimney liner, a stove...
  2. W

    Osburn Matrix Wood Insert

    Anyone own the Matrix Wood Insert, and what is your experience with it? Also, what size logs do you use? I understand the recommended size is 16”.
  3. R

    Osburn Matrix Updated Version?

    Hi, I just ordered an Osburn Matrix from Woodland Direct yesterday. Early this morning I noticed that on the Osburn site there is a slightly updated version showing. I thought I might have been imagining things, but I still had an old copy of the page open on my phone and took screenshots...
  4. FireMeister

    Pros and cons of the Osburn Matrix wood-burning insert

    Hi Everyone: This is my first post as a new member. Our 40-year-old chimney has smoke leaks and our solution to the problem is to replace the old Heatilator open fireplace with a wood-burning insert. We live on a lot with more than 100 trees, so firewood (maple, ash, poplar, oak, etc.) is...