Supplementing Wood Insert Sizing

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Sep 29, 2022
Brewster, NY

This community has been great so far on giving advice/ and helping us with our wood burning stove insert.

To recall: We have an open hearth masonry fireplace that we are awaiting to install the Osburn Matrix into. Per our installer we will need an insulated 30’ chimney liner, a stove connector, and a chimeny offset adapter.

The matrix was ordered with a Face Plate:29" x 50" Faceplate Backing Plate Kit, and a Faceplate Kit:Bottom Faceplate Backing Plate Kit 50" x 6" . The open hearth dimensions are 60" W x 27" D x 33" H , and the Matrix dimensions are 25 1/8" h x 36 1/8" w x 23 1/8".

We are concerned about filling the surround space to make the insert more snug in a way, and what our best options are for doing that.

Thank you.
The masonry runs through the center inside of the home.

Which makes me wonder if I need to insulate it as well since it’s not on an exterior wall?
You don't need to insulate it. You'll want a block off plate and insulation in the flue though.
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Thank you, but do we fill the surrounding area of the open hearth (Around the firebox) with bricks so the firebox fits more snug? Or does it not matter.