Overheating flue after new pipe

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Oct 31, 2022
SW Ohio
I installed a newer Pacfic Energy super 27 in my home last year.

We have an existing interior brick chimney with a 6" stainless liner. Chimey goes straight up through the center of the house and out the roof, approximately 26ft.

I installed an insulated thimble to the tee, as it passes through an interior combustible wall.

Last season I connected cheap single wall pipe to the thimble, and we enjoyed the wood stove all winter with zero problems.

The single wall was about 36" up, 90º turn and 12" into thimble.

We didn't like the appearance of the single wall, and wanted to add a mantle this year (reduced clearance), so I changed the pipe to Duravent DVL double wall.

We have only had a couple fires this year, and we are experiencing high surface temps on the flue. I have ordered a probe thermometer to see what the temps are inside, but outer pipe temps shot with an infrared thermometer run 350-400º+ when stove is running measured about a foot above the outlet. It melted the stickers off the new pipe, smelled awful. It seems like the secondary burn is less than last year as well.

I do not have a pipe adapter on the stove, as the inner wall fits nicely inside the stove outlet. I have seen many installations like this but now I am questioning if that is the problem.

I am wondering if the chimney could be over drafting at this point.

Wood we are burning is 20-22% moisture according to meter. It has seasoned a little less than a year since split. I was thinking of buying some firewood to see if it made a difference.

Any other ideas?
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Perhaps the door seal is bad and your getting more air?
Something out of sorts with the baffle in the stove...or ash plug not sealed up right?