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Oct 5, 2022
Bought a house with an old and well worn OWB setup that apparently stops working once a week or so. Previous owner passed away so I don't have a ton of detail.

Wife wants me to buy a new OWB.

I'm looking for recommendations on brands. Only previous exposure is to central boiler units, but I'd like to hear what the best units on the market are today (clearly that's pretty subjective)

Will be burning seasoned oak and hickory for the most part.


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Aug 21, 2013
NE Ohio
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Mar 1, 2012
Central Ohio
I pulled the trigger on a G4000 in March. Finally got the stove in July and I’m currently in the process of hooking it up. Good luck getting one within the next few months.

You are right, who makes the best gasification OWB is very subjective. I went with a G4000 because it had the highest rating from the EPA for the size I was looking at. I also liked that the nozzle was SS vs refractory. If you search on this site you’ll see lots of talk about people having to cast or change out refractory. I’m not interested in doing that at any point of my ownership of the stove.

The G series also lets you change the setting on the PLC based off of your wood moisture. No other boiler does that either. The G series is very similar to a lambda boiler that a lot of folks on this site burn. The G is full SS. Only Crown and HM make a boiler that’s full SS.

Central was the last on my list because there history of making reliable gasification is anything but good. Polar and Crown make nice stoves, I passed because of my previous comments.

If your wood is not dry I’d definitely pass on a gasification boiler.
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