Pacific Energy FP30 wall mounted variable speed control

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Sep 15, 2015
Ontario, Canada
I have a Pacific Energy FP30 and I am looking for a wall mounted variable speed control for the blower motor. Does anyone have a recommendation? Or know the blower motor specs? I went to my local dealer but they weren't much help, they ordered the variable speed motor control (see attached pic) that mounts directly onto a Pacific Energy stove but not the FP30. I would prefer a variable speed control (vs 3 speed) but want to make sure the wall control is compatible with the blower motor specs.

Thanks in advance.

Pacific Energy FP30 wall mounted variable speed control
Is there a reason why this couldn't be mounted in a standard box in the wall?
I just used a regular rotary fan speed control switch mounted on the wall to control the blower speed. I connected it in line with a switch to force the blower on when it wasn't on from the built in temperature switch.

details in my post below:

let me know if you have any questions on the setup. enjoy!