Pacific Energy lighting and reloads

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Grew up with a T6 in my parents house. Loved how easy it was to get going and the long burn times. Had and Osburn 1800i in a fireplace that the wife loved for the bay front glass. That was a small insert that we could only use 14” logs burning n/s. We have ran that stove fairly hard and did good with it. It always seemed to be more temperamental than I would have liked. Mainly heated our house with it since first floor is roughly 2600 and with the finished walk out basement 4K total (has basement garage). Winters aren’t too bad in Kentucky although last year before Christmas we did have to fire the basement stove up also. That stove being a PE Summit insert.

This year I swapped the stoves since the wife wanted more overnight heat and have been blown away at how easy this Summit just takes off and works. We don’t have to watch this very close and play with the air much like I have to with the Osburn. First floor liner is roughly 15ft and about 25ft for the basement. I think this is going to be just what the wife wanted. I’m looking forward to some colder weather to really try this stove out since I’ve only ran it a few times when it was in the basement. We have plenty of dry 14” white oak and 18” white oak, black locust and ash.

With all that being said does anyone know first hand if the vista or super is just as easy to get going like the big PE’s. I’m thinking of possibly finding one of them to go in the basement for when we need it during the cold snaps. I would get another summit for the price I paid for the one I have but those deals don’t come along every day. The basement doesn’t need much heat all things considered.

Couple pictures of the inserts for those who just want to see.

IMG_7696.jpeg IMG_6841.jpeg
Yes super is pretty much the same had a super insert for a little at the old house on a short 12-14ft class a chimney was still easy to get going. So anything over my chimney height should make it even easier. Only changed it since it wasn’t enough stove for my space.
The Super will run similar to the T6 but with a smaller fuel load. It may be the easiest PE stove to run.
If you don’t need much heat in the basement go with the Vista. We love ours. Installed on the middle floor of our cape and no problem heating that floor and the upstairs. 1,900sq ft no problem. Actually smoked us out at times last winter.