Paint my stove door today, any tips?

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Jan 7, 2006
So I received my Stove Bright Metallic black spray paint yesterday and I am going to touch up my door after work today. For those of you who have painted cast iron before, are there any tips you can pass my way? It is a door on my Regency insert that I believe is cast iron. I am going to take the door off and newspaper the window off so I dont get any overspray on the glass. I also was going to wipe down the door with some acetone to remove any oils from handling it.Thanks for any tips


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Nov 19, 2005
Sounds like a plan. The only thing I would add is to wire-brush the door first to help rough up the existing paint and remove any loose chips or rust. (surface prep is the key!) From there, just follow the manufacturers instructions on the can. Be prepared for some fumes on the next start up, so if there is a warm weather window, you may want to aim for that so you can open a window for a while.

Good Luck


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Feb 5, 2006
If it's just a touch up, I would be a little concerned about the acetone removing some of the finish. Probably better to use an automotive grade grease and wax remover. Not sure if it is a baked on finish or just a spray on type paint. Acetone will probably not hurt a baked on finish, buy might with a spray type coating.

If your doing a complete re-do of the door, then I guess it don't matter. Good luck
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