PE Super Insert issues

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Dec 13, 2018
We have had issues since install ( 3YRS). The right side fan cover continues to pop off when the insert heats up.
Multiple service calls , new cover and same issues. It seems the tolerances are too tight.
Anyone else have this issue? Not sure the dealer is all that interested in resolving the issue and im not sure what can be done exceept for a new insert.
This is the first time I've heard of the problem. Is the insert level front to back and side to side and well supported underneath?
This is a simple assembly. Is the insert far enough forward that the surround is not being pressed too hard against the fireplace face on that side?
Yes to all. It's like that side was made too small. The first cover was very difficult to put on. Most times they had to remove the mantle portion to push it into the openings.
This last cover was better but still pops off due to expansion.

Enough has been bent / flexed that it's a mess .

Kinda disappointed in the dealer by this point.

Here is what it sounds like.
I have removed the cover to keep my sanity .

I did send message to PE today as well. Freezing rain here so too much time on my hands.....


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Doesn't the surround's side receiver drop into a mating slot to secure it? I'm trying to visualize where the pressure is that would make it pop off like this.
Yes both the surround and where it secures to the insert. 4 tabs in all.
Is it possible to adjust the leveling feet on the insert a hair hirer to accommodate the metal expansion between the hearth and stove?
I honestly don't know. The installers have been out i would honestly say 7 times and no one suggested that.
Nothing to add to the original question, but what is that noise when the video is playing?
My series D has a rattle when it heats up but its due to my homemade surround vibrating against the lintel, I usually just push it back a little with a weld glove on and its stops. Eventually i will put a piece of hi temp glass gasket between it
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That is the fan cover. Noisy as hell especially at 4 am....
Nothing to add to the original question, but what is that noise when the video is playing?
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